Day With a Scientist

This program is suitable for upper-primary students, and is particularly popular as a learning experience for gifted and talented students.

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Cost is $35 (plus $3.50 GST) per student (min. 30 students, max. 60) who work for the entire day.

As an alternative model, 100 students can experience one only of two 2.25-h hands-on sessions which include demonstrations. Cost $12.50 (plus $1.25 GST)/student.

Or, 100 students can each experience a 1-h science show plus one only of two 1.5-h hands-on sessions. Cost is $12.50 (plus $1.25 GST)/student.

Comments From Schools
  • "The program exceeded my expectations . . . We got to take things home . . . I learned lots and had great fun. I hope you come again . . . This was fun and exciting at the same time 'cause you never knew what might happen in an experiment . . . Should be longer . . . Your show Ruled!" Students, Emerald District
  • "I had fun and learned a lot, 10/10 . . . The day was better than I thought it would be . . . The program did more than I thought it would do . . . The day was perfect . . . There were good demonstrations. Dr Eastwell explained things well . . . My favourite bit was the rocket with the Coke bottle. I don't think you could do much to improve today! . . . I thought the day was brillliant. Students, Great Southern Grammar, Albany, WA
  • "Super fun . . . The whole thing was fascinating . . . Pity it is only 1 day . . . You get to keep some of the things . . . Amazing . . . liquid nitrogen was awesome . . . Totally cool demos." Students, Trinity Anglican School, Cairns
  • "I learned the most in my life . . . I've developed a liking for science. The day was way better than I expected . . . It went a lot quicker than I thought . . . I would like to do this again . . . A pity it's over . . . I learned a lot today. Thankyou." Students, Ormiston College, Brisbane
  • "You can learn something different with every experiment . . . The experiments were really interesting and fun, really fun. I didn't think science was so fun. I learnt some really good facts. I really enjoyed myself . . . I thought it was better than I expected because I didn't know a lot of that stuff and I didn't think there would be so many experiments . . . I thought it would be good, but it was better . . . Dissapointed that the day had to end." Students, Dalby State School
  • "My expectations were bowled over with this program. I would like it if Mr Eastwell would do afternoon classes throughout the years to come . . . Was really fun and I learned heaps of stuff - in a fun way! Peter was nice . . . Mr Eastwell made sure everybody had a good time. It was easy to understand . . . Make it a week instead of 1 day." Students, St. Columba's School, Dalby
  • "Excellent discussion of concepts . . . / great questions. Format is very appropriate for students for the day. Day combines learning with discovery and fun!!" Jeanese Eden, Hannaford State School
  • "I learnt so much that I have been wanting to know . . . Fantastic, interesting experiments, yet easy to understand . . . great variety . . . you have the ability to help children understand." Upper primary students, Rockhampton Grammar School
  • "The creativity of it all was great. Yes, it met my expectations and went higher. I think you should come back next year for it to go on for a week." Student, Toowoomba Grammar Junior School
  • "Whole school involved allowed older students to teach younger students. Very "hands-on" and allowed children independent learning and discovery. A variety of concepts covered that engaged and interested the students. Well done." Marina Clarke and Natalie Rayner, Moonie State School
  • " Lots of hands-on activities for the children. The children were keen to pursue all activities. The theme . . . is linked well to the science syllabus and relates well to the children. The children learnt a lot on the day. The children were keen to participate in everything and were allowed to ask many questions."  Linda Lee, Rockhampton Grammar School
  • "The program met my expectations by doing tons of experiments, and I learnt lots. I want to be the same as Mr Eastwell, a Doctor of Science . . . I got more out of it than I expected 'cause I have seven pages of notes! Maybe next year it should go from 8 am to 6 pm. Thanks for the great day!" Students, The Scots PGC College, Warwick