Scientist in Residence  

Dr Eastwell can visit your school as a Scientist in Residence. During that time, he can engage students in a program tailored to your students' needs, and even also offer a Teacher Workshop. Learning experiences can comprise a composite of activities selected from various programs.

Comments From Schools
  • "My congratulations on a successful program . . . . Teachers and students . . . were challenged and enthused by your workshop presentation . . . . Our teachers have all reported increased levels of student interest in science after your sessions and on a personal level are much more enthusiastic themselves about their own classroom programs . . . . Community support for the extended learning program was strong throughout with parents keen to see a repeat of the workshops in the future."  Alan Whitfield, Principal, Gladstone Central State School
  • "The science show presented to us by Year 7 was great. Kids loved it . . . . Lolly activity for senses was good." Teacher, Slade Point State School
  • "The organisation of the program was excellent as was the presentation of the shows and the action stations. We were delighted with Peter's contribution to the science program at our school and would recommend his work to other schools."  Bev Bowman and Frank Truscott, Chinchilla State School
  • "It was great to have a most exciting, hands-on, discovery-style science program which actually came to us in rural Queensland. Mark Bensley, Jimbour State School
  • "In my 10 years of teaching, this is the best visiting program I have seen." Scott Young, Normanton State School
  • "The children felt that they got to do things in science that they had never done before . . . . found it new and exciting and they thoroughly enjoyed it . . . . gained a considerable knowledge of many basic scientific principles . . . . The teachers felt the program was very worthwhile and really filled a gap." Josephine Savas, Coolnwynpin State School
  • "Your recent visit not only enhanced our student's opportunities and interests in science, but also broadened their understanding of important traits of necessary cooperation and respect for others when working in pairs. I was most impressed with the success rate of the children's experiences and the wide range of skills and processes that were covered. We are all very enthusiastic towards making your workshop an annual event.  Kerri Wood, Greenvale State School