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"Very thought-provoking, intellectually oriented, and socially relevant. I am highly impressed by the sections Student Experiments, Students' Alternative Conceptions, and Research Project: An Invitation to You . . . I'm pretty certain science educators the world over will find it very useful. Congratulations. Dr Ben Akpan, Executive Director, Science Teachers Association of Nigeria

An advertisement entitles you, the advertiser, to the following during each calendar year:

1. The advertisement you supply distributed twice, as an e-mailed Sponsor's Message, to subscribers and other interested science educators around the world. Your messages may be sent at times you choose, and the content of each message may be different.

2. A link, under the heading Sponsors in the main menu of the pages of The Science Education Review (SER) website, to your website.

The cost of an advertisement is 375 AUD (Australian dollars) (which, for Australian advertisers, includes GST).

This structure is designed to maximise your return on investment. However, we are flexible and would welcome the opportunity to tailor an approach to meet your needs. Please contact us at (click here).

SER provides an "innovative approach to keeping a practicing teacher's enthusiasm up. The regular issues keep the excitement alive. The literature reviews will prove an invaluable resource from which I hope to better gain an understanding of current thinking in developing engaging science education."  Richard Cooper, Allora State School, Queensland, Australia