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Relax and enjoy the company of colleagues as you explore, in a hands-on manner, a number of science activities relevant to the Queensland Science Syllabus for Years 1 to 10 and other syllabi.

This workshop aims to:

Topics include charging and discharging, attraction and repulsion, insulators and conductors, earthing, sparks, closed and open circuits, current, energy changes in a circuit, heating effect of a current, operation of a fuse, short circuit, detecting a current, generating a current, and the difference between AC and DC. There is a prize to be won, and surprises (some more shocking than others!) to be had.

This workshop has been designed primarily for primary educators, although it contains much which will also interest junior secondary teachers. While some of the ideas addressed are beyond the typical requirements of primary education, they have been chosen on the premiss that the quality of student outcomes at a particular level can be enhanced if the learning facilitators at that level have "a feel for the bigger picture." Familiarity and confidence with scientific ideas allows teachers to ask the right (and more stimulating) questions, recognise when a student's views are "on the right track," and facilitate more accurate explanations and more interest and enthusiasm for science.

Typically, this is a 2.5-hour workshop which can be conducted on a half-day, after school, evening, or weekend basis. Cost is $60 (plus $6.00 GST)/person. Minimum and maximum numbers apply.

Presenter:  Dr Peter H. Eastwell  PhD (Education), BSc (Honours, Phys. Chem.),DipEd, MRACI, MACE, C. Chem

Feedback From Participants
  • "Great hands-on experience. Wonderful opportunity to really understand just what was happening . . . Time went too quickly!" Michelle Connors, Rockhampton Girls' Grammar School
  • "Thanks for the great workshop. It was by far the best one I've attended."  Elly Darling, Wilston State School
  • "Variety of activities and demonstrations. User friendly/easy to get materials. Excellent modelling and explanation of concepts." Debbie Buckley, Glenmore State School
  • "Equipment was well organised and set up . . . clear written and oral instructions and explanations . . . lots of different examples . . . allowed us to explore concepts and build upon our own previous knowledge . . . down to earth approach for very 'unscientific' people . . . enjoyed freedom to ask questions and not be made to feel 'goofy'    . . . even as 'adults,' it's still satisfying to get something to work." Staff, Redeemer Lutheran Primary School, Biloela

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