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Great Ideas for Teaching Science

Looking for whiz-bang science teaching ideas that will engage and motivate your students? Like to interact with others having a similar passion for science education and help create invigorating networks? Would appreciate some help in finding the latest resources in science education? Then this workshop, which can also be offered with a focus on Physics or Chemistry alone, will help.

The workshop comprises ideas presented by participants and the facilitator. Relax and enjoy the company of others as we share ideas that "work." While it is not necessary that all participants present, it is expected that many/most will offer one or more great ideas, using a format that best suits the circumstances (e.g., a demonstration, PowerPoint presentation, lecture, handout, a combination of formats, or whatever). A presentation might be as short as 10 minutes, say, or much longer. The ideas may cover the entire spectrum of possibilities in science education (e.g., a teaching, assessment, or professional development technique, a demonstration, or a way to differentiate instruction, make real-world connections, or organise and/or manage the classroom).

The preparation and delivery of, and feedback from, a presentation to a relatively small group also provides, in itself, a valuable professional development opportunity. Where applicable, presenters are asked to supply a relevant handout, or equivalent (e.g., a Web download), for participants. The workshop can be conducted over a full day, as a half-day or twilight session, or as an afternoon + twilight session.

Presenters will be offered support in authoring their ideas for publication, for an international audience, in The Science Education Review (http://www.ScienceEducationReview.com).

Background and Rationale
This workshop is the result of feedback from the other workshops I have been conducting, feedback that typically reads along the lines: "The ideas were great, but we really should be getting together to share lots of brilliant classroom activities, across a wide range of topics, more often." The workshop will complement, rather than compete with, the other excellent professional development opportunities that exist and which may also be structured differently (e.g., those held during vacation periods and/or which have concurrent sessions of interest that cannot all be attended). A presenter might therefore contribute at multiple workshops/conferences, but each with a different audience.

r Peter H. Eastwell  PhD (Science Education), BSc (Honours, Phys. Chem.), DipEd, MRACI, MACE, C. Chem

Feedback From Participants
  • "Interesting format . . . very well-presented, engaging, and worthwhile . . . many different ideas covered and shared well, very effective practical demonstrations . . . lots of hands-on, great ideas for questioning students . . . really enjoyed it, has dispelled a lot of misconceptions I had . . . I learnt a lot." Participants, Gold Coast (Physics)
  • "Great program in terms of content and session timing, demos were a good way to bring students back to science, nice way to meet others who love science and want to improve science education in schools, more of these days would be great!!! . . . really interesting program . . . relaxed and informal but extremely productive, excellent work, loved the demonstrations--great motivators, participant involvement excellent, too little time, over 2 days would be better, thank-you very much . . . small group works well, a lot bigger would detract from the day . . . discussions were good, allowing individuals to feel safe, the three breaks allowed me to stay on task all day . . . the primary/secondary crossover was great, as were the hands-on classroom activities, the stimulating discussions were thought-provoking, need more time for more activities . . . excellent ideas to consider and put into practice . . . the chance to chat was great, bring it on, plan for more of these days . . . really enjoyed the sessions, keep up the great work." Participants, Brisbane (Science)

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