Teacher Workshop

Junior Science: Some Contemporary Issues  

Relax and enjoy the company of colleagues as you explore some contemporary issues impacting Junior Science education and some appropriate responses.
This workshop aims to:
Topics include scientific literacy, the nature of science, other ways of knowing, models of learning, social constructivism and implications for the classroom, eliciting students' existing ideas, modified Karplus Learning Cycle, constructivist strategies for teaching, everyday contexts / contemporary social issues, decision-making strategies, sceptical science, science stories, "big issues" of science, "useful" versus "useless" work, working scientifically, problem-based learning, individual student differences, multiple intelligences (Gardner), Bloom's Taxonomy, Dunn & Dunn learning styles, cooperative learning, assessment (self, peer, & teacher), the PISA project, Constructivist Learning Environment Survey (CLES), action research, the self-esteem cycle, block timetabling, voluntary teaching assistants, and team teaching.

The workshop emphasis is on practical, classroom-linked examples, and resources.

There are two versions of this workshop. A 2.5-hour workshop can be conducted on a half-day, after school, evening, or weekend basis. Cost is $60 (plus $6.00 GST)/person. During the full-day workshop, you will also complete your own Dunn & Dunn Learning Style Inventory which will be subsequently computer marked and analysed in New Zealand and returned to you, together with a group summary. Cost is $140 (plus $14 GST)/person, and includes morning tea and lunch. Minimum and maximum numbers apply in both cases.

Presenter:  Dr Peter H. Eastwell  PhD (Education), BSc (Honours, Phys. Chem.),DipEd, MRACI, MACE, C. Chem
Feedback From Participants
  • "Good, broad coverage of ideological trends and techniques. Some very nice strategies illustrated. Liked the practical examples (especially the cooperative learning one) and the sceptical science idea. Challenges status quo." Participants, Nudgee College Program, 2002
  • "A lot of relevant info . . . . I like the ideas. Good smorgasbord of ideas. Handouts and contact addresses useful."  Staff, Hervey Bay SHS 

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