Motion, Forces, and Energy

Relax and enjoy the company of colleagues as you explore, in a hands-on manner, a wealth of classroom activities designed to bring this content area alive.
This workshop is designed to strengthen the understanding, of primary and high school educators, of key concepts, as well as provide participants with useful and novel classroom resources (including video clips, cartoons, and links to real-life events such as the Space Shuttle tragedy). Please bring along your own favourite activities to share.
Topics include students' alternative conceptions, Newton's first, second, and third laws (even his fourth law!), inertia, mass, friction, gravity, rockets, pressure, different types of energy, transfer of energy, law of conservation of energy, the energy crisis, and where, and in what way, science is misportrayed in movies (e.g., problems with windows, flashing bullets), as well as constructivism, conceptual change, the 7E learning cycle, and multiple intelligences. Heaps of demonstrations and experiments to share with your students.
Presenter:  Dr Peter H. Eastwell  PhD (Education), BSc (Honours, Phys. Chem.), DipEd, MRACI, MACE, C. Chem

Feedback From Participants

  • "LOVED IT.  The demos, interactive style, and engaging way that you presented the information was all greatly appreciated! I also loved how practical your session was. I ran a few of the activities in my own classroom shortly after taking the workshop, and they went down a treat! Thanks again for a workshop that was well worth the trip." Carissa Macpherson, Xavier College, Harvey Bay
  • "Great, simple experiments that use everyday materials and are not too dangerous. Explained the concepts behind them well, relating them to the laws."  Pauline Peart, Middlemount Community School, Queensland

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