Science Time

Believe it or Not?


There are two versions of this presentation; upper primary and secondary/adult.

What do You Reckon?

Have ALIENS from another planet landed on Earth? Can some people read YOUR mind? Is TELEKINESIS—what is that?— . . .? What is science? Can science answer ALL questions?

Share Your Opinion / Join in

See the Yip Yip stick, how science can be used to test explanations and claims, and share your point of view (e.g., can wearing jewellery made from certain crystals help to keep you healthy?).

Highly Relevant to Everyday Life

Understand the scientific method, how science is done, and the strengths and limitations of science. And more.


The secondary/adult version of this presentation includes:

  • What distinguishes science from other ways in which humans can experience the world?
  • Need there be conflict between science and religion?
  • How does science progress as a field?
  • How are descriptive and causal questions answered differently in science?


The content of this show relates to the following content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum: Science.
Science Understanding: ACSSU N/A.
Science as a Human Endeavour: ACSHE 013, 021, 022, 034, 035, 050, 051, 061, 160.
Science Inquiry Skills: N/A.


Suitable for upper primary and secondary/adult.


Cost: $6.00, plus 60c GST, per student
Minimum: $660, plus $66 GST

Venue Requirements 

Duration: 1 hour. Data projector and screen.

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